A genuine stand-up-and-cheer movie about a courageous high school football team’s fight to fulfill their destiny and live their dream, Friday Night Lights is "unforgettable and real"(Larry King)

Friday Night Lights [VHS] [Import]
アルバム名Friday Night Lights [VHS] [Import]
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情報出演:Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black (II), Garrett Hedlund, Derek Luke, Jay Hernandez
監督:Josh Pate, Peter Berg, Mark Piznarski
形式:Full Screen, Import
販売元:Universal Studios

A genuine stand-up-and-cheer movie about a courageous high school football team’s fight to fulfill their destiny and live their dream, Friday Night Lights is "unforgettable and real"(Larry King). Billy Bob Thornton stars in a true American story of how one legendary Texas town made hope come alive under the exhilarating glare of Friday Night Lights!

Friday Nig...




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AISHA(アイシャ、1990年1月31日 - )は、日本の女性歌手。

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